Uro-Oncology and Endourology: 16th-17th august, 2014

NZ-USI Mid-Term CUE" is a fast becoming conference with expecting more than 25 delegates from Pakistan also

Subject to availability of cases:


  • Open Radical Prostatectomy
  • Transrectal Ultrasound guided Biopsy of Prostate
  • Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
  • Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy

Prostate Theatre

  • Holmium Laser Enucleation of prostate
  • Thulium Laser resection of prostate
  • Diode Laser Vaporization of prostate
  • Green Light Laser Vaporization of prostate

Stone Theater

  • Mini PCNL
  • Ultra Mini PCNL
  • Micro PCNL
  • RIRS
Uro-Oncology and
16th-17th august, 2014

Live operative
workshop-Patel cancer
& Superspeciality

Telecast and CUE:-
Hotel Skylark,

A sporting city Jalandhar is also fast becoming the medical hub of Punjab. It is also well known for cheap medical facilities and boosts more healthcare centers than most other cities in India. Taking advantage of the “Outreach Program” started by North Zone Urology Society of India, the Jalandhar Urological Society along with sister organizations, the Association of Surgeons of Indian Medical Association have endeavored to bring cutting edge of Urology to Jalandhar.

This event is focusing on Advanced Uro-Oncology and Endourology specially surgical management. The Live surgery program includes total  20 hours of live surgeries to be demonstrated.  One day is dedicated to workshops and discussions to enhance the boundaries of the Urologist. The aim of the event is to arm the Urologist with take home message enabling them to add these procedures to his armamentarium and to educate the surgeons as to the current modalities of treatments.

The event is under the aegis of NZ-USI and being supported by Indian Medical Association, Jalandhar branch and association of surgeons of India. The event will be organized by Jalandhar Urology Society & Superspeciality Hospital and Hotel Skylark, Jalandhar.

Organizing Secretary:

Dr. Swapan Sood
(M) 097791-50541
(e) swapansood@hotmail.com

Joint Secretary:

Dr. Atul Mittal
(M) 098157-18185
(e) dratulmittal@yahoo.co.in

Organizing Chairman:

Dr. R.S. Chahal
(M) 098140-68069
(e) drrs_chahal@yahoo.com


Dr. Atul Khullar
(M) 098145-46043
(e) dr_khullar@yahoo.co.in